Gastronomy Tour

DURATION /  3 hours (basic tour)

PRICE /  on request

MEETING POINT /  Pile gate (in front of the stone bridge that leads into the City Walls), or your preferred location. You will see a sign with your name on it.

START TIME /  on demand

LANGUAGE /  English

GROUP SIZE /  max. 8 people

RECOMMENDATION /  It is possible to do the vegetarian version of the same tour and to adjust the meals according to the specific dietary requirements.

NOTICE /  The tour can be extended for a visit to a nearby family farm in Konavle, the eastern part of Dubrovnik countryside, 30 minutes away from the city. There you’ll taste the traditional meat under the bell. Meat and vegetables are roasted under the iron lid on the open hearth, in a way how it was prepared here for centuries.

Dubrovnik traditional cuisine
in its essence

For us, food is the center of every gathering. Therefore, the best way to discover the real nature of locals is to dine with them. Join me on Dubrovnik gastronomy tour and taste some old traditional meat and vegetable dishes, prepared in Dubrovnik for centuries.

Contrary to popular belief, Dubrovnik cuisine is not just seafood. Here you’ll find great meat dishes such as lamb, goat or beef stews, plenty of seasonal vegetables. Add poultry, cured meat, excellent sheep and cow cheeses, and suddenly it becomes clear how much the Dubrovnik cuisine is diverse and complex.

“Interesting and fun… We did this tour on our first day in Dubrovnik and as well as being interesting, informative and fun it set us up for the rest of our stay with things to do, places to visit and places to eat. We learnt a lot on the tour and every recommendation Vesna gave us worked out really well during the rest of our time in the area ….it was like having a guide for the whole stay.”

Peter, TripAdvisor

“Best tour guide ever! Vesna was an amazing tour guide. She was so knowledgeable about Croatian history, the old town and the war. She lives in the old town and experienced the war first hand. She was personable and engaging. No wonder Rick Steve’s gave her the thumbs up!”

Carla, TripAdvisor

“Excellent! Educational and Entertaining … Ours was a small group walking tour with history, humor, points of interest, and life, then and now, in Old Town. Quite an enjoyable tour with interesting information which was interspersed with light hearted humor. 5 Stars”

Connie, TripAdvisor

Hopping in search of tasty food

For starters, on this Dubrovnik gastronomy tour we will taste mature goat or sheep milk cheeses with a sip of a local full-bodied red wine. The next stop will be for a bowl of vegetable soup, followed by a warm appetizer.

The main course will be an ancient poultry dish, a stew eaten by the rectors of Dubrovnik. And for the end, a sweet treat: a cake or an ice-cream, depending on your preferences.

Each dish will be served with a glass of wine because it is inevitable on our tables, regardless of how simple the meal is. Every stop will be in a family-owned restaurant, out of crowds.

Hopping from one place to the other, you’ll be introduced to the city attractions, history, and legends.

Private Walking Tours

Join me on a private, custom-tailored tour. Discover Dubrovnik with the local, born and raised within the stone walls. Let me show you the city of my childhood.

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