The life story of your Dubrovnik guide

I am a geek

I was devastated when my good friend told me how excellent historical web site I have. Than few others called to tell me what a nerd I am, that I am too much in history. After long deliberation, I realized I am all of that, and much more.

My mother introduced me to books, at early age. She has infected me with this infinite hunger for knowledge, this search that never ceases. As an introverted dreamer, I fell in love with fictional lives, much more interesting than mine ever was. When I told my father that I would love to study foreign languages and literature, he just laughed, commenting: Your nose is too much in books!

Croatia was, and still is a traditional patrimonial society. The girls were supposed to marry, have children and be housewives, not chase knowledge. (Join me on the Scent of the women tour for further clarification.)

When God gives you lemons, make a story of them

Finally, my parents agreed to let me study engineering at the Zagreb University. Although my father commented that sending a girl to school is like throwing coins into the ocean. No good comes from that.

I graduated, came back home, got a job, and got married. Then, three years later the war broke out. Overnight our lives broke up. The only thing that I desperately held on to were my books. An imaginative world of words was my escape from a brutal reality. (More about the war time on the Dubrovnik in War 1991/92 tour.) In the following years, the situation slowly recovered. I got another job, I gave birth to a beautiful son, and life improved again.

To whom did the books provide bread on the table?

At the age of 48 I was retired, a widow with the son of 11. A moment came to capitalize all those books. I got a license and started to guide city tours. Luckily, I was noticed and hired by some companies, and that’s how my passion finally paid back.

Yes, I am a nerd and a devoted historian of my birthplace. I feel a commitment to those whose lives have created and shaped this city, and thus my daily life, and whose genes I carry in my DNA code.

Therefore, I believe there is a public for my stories from the past. Because, they are always seasoned with lot of juicy details from the present time. Regardless of the first impression, I live in the present. Moreover, looking forward to see what the future will bring to my child and me.

Dandelion seeds, a photo above my bed. I believe that we are a little bit like these beautiful ballerinas, carried by wind, traveling over the earth, until finally we discover our destiny. Life is a journey, a journey is life, but at the end, everyone is looking for a home, some solid ground where our heart will anchor.


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