Flavors of Dubrovnik

DURATION / 3 hours

PRICE /  on request

MEETING POINT /  Pile gate (in front of the stone bridge that leads into the City Walls), or your preferred location. You will see a sign with your name on it.

START TIME /  from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

LANGUAGE /  English

GROUP SIZE /  max. 8 people

RECOMMENDATION / Ask the sommelier to recommend the wine you could take home as a souvenir from Dubrovnik

What life is for if not to eat well, drink and have fun?

History of Dubrovnik is long and its traditions numerous, but if there is one thing that seems to never change in this part of the world, it is the tradition of eating and drinking well and placing food in the center of every social event.

The first impression of most of Dubrovnik visitors is that Dubrovnik’s cuisine is based on seafood. It is amazing how wrong they are. Dubrovnik cuisine is seafood, but also young lamb, great meat dishes such as lamb, goat or beef stews, plenty of seasonal vegetables. Add to that poultry, cured meat, excellent sheep and cow cheeses and suddenly it becomes clear how much the Dubrovnik cuisine is diverse and complex.

What is a good meal without a glass of wine?

On first glance, you may easily think that the wine from the Dubrovnik region is the red wine, strong and masculine, but you will again make a mistake. The Dubrovnik area cherishes a tradition of producing a delicate, young, fruity white wine that loves the oysters so much, as well as a playful, mature and serious white wine from Korčula, which likes a lamb and peas stew. Not to mention wonderful dessert wines, which are actually the dessert by itself.

In cuisines like Dubrovnik’s, or Croatian in general, which is very diverse and draws inspiration from many cultures, the knowledge of food and wine pairing is very important for anyone looking to get the best of their local meals. Luckily, the Croatian wine scene is as diverse as the cuisine, so there are plenty of options out there to compliment any meal.

Dubrovnik Food Tour by Walk with Vesna

Wine and food pairing course

This Dubrovnik food tour takes you to the Kopun restaurant in Dubrovnik. As the name says (kopun means capon, castrated rooster), the restaurant is famous for a dish made of “kopun”, prepared according to the recipe from the 16th century. There you will be served the best of Dubrovnik cuisine, paired with excellent wines, mostly from the Dubrovnik region. You will enjoy 5-course lunch served with 5 different, matching wines. The sommelier, young and charming Ana (the owner of the restaurant) will give you a bit of history and background information about the country’s wine making and will introduce you to the basic concepts of food/wine pairing (handouts provided). Before each course, you will be explained the specifics of the food and how it influences the tastes and aromas of the wine served with it.

Dubrovnik food tour is available only at lunchtime (from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm). Please let us know in advance if you need any food restrictions, due to allergies or some health condition. Otherwise, let’s eat and drink, and laugh and enjoy!

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